What's behind our solutions?

Smart Process

Our experience in the condition monitoring field allowed us to employ a great deal of intelligence to our automated monitoring process, aiming to give the best precision on the diagnosis. We have made a great effort to continuously improve this process throughout the years, employing advanced algorithms and giving it more and more flexibility, efficiency and accuracy.​

Multi-signal Data Fusion

Our automated monitoring solutions seek to be able to correlate data from multiple sources without the need of manual human analysis. The greater the amount of input data, the better the information extracted and without the overhead of the technical visualization of the data. This allows for powerful monitoring information and greater precision when assessing the equipment condition.


Artificial Intelligence

Integrated into our systems, we use several artificial intelligence techniques to be able to transform online and offline sensor information into a high-level diagnosis. Our knowledge models are rule-based and easily understandable and expandable, being an invaluable tool in managing institutional memory on maintenance expertise.