Delivering powerful condition monitoring systems

Consulting and Training

We offer consulting services, advisory and specialized training in the areas of mechanical vibration Analysis, monitoring techniques and diagnosis of industrial machines and equipment.

Protection Systems

Integrated into monitoring systems or standalone, our protection product line applies advanced data processing algorithms embedded into robust data acquisition hardware. Protect your critical equipment from catastrophic and destructive failures.

R&D Projects

MDM continually invests in research, development and innovation. Based on this philosophy of always being ahead in the market, a policy of partnerships for R&D with different universities and companies was established.


Custom Systems

Our custom systems for special applications are innovative solutions, in which traditional approaches cannot be applied, being necessary to break old paradigms of current technology. One of the common applications is the monitoring and diagnosis of equipment in which traditional solutions are unfeasible for use. MDM has confronted various challenges successfully and is ready to study any problems in any type of industry.