MDM System

Automated Monitoring and Diagnoses for Industrial Equipment


The MDM System is a solution composed of hardware and software for the monitoring, automatic diagnosis and prognosis of failures in industrial equipment. It performs the automated acquisition and analysis of online and offline data, employing a smart monitoring process in continuous development for years. After acquisition, the system automatically correlates the information acquired and provides a high-level diagnosis, using an expert knowledge database stored within the system.


One of the differentials for the MDM System is the ability to centralize, manage and correlate data coming from different predictive techniques. Its open and modular architecture facilitates installation and maintenance, reducing, therefore, the time of return on investment.

Main Benefits

The deployment of the MDM System in your plant can provide you with a big list of benefits not just for the plant assets, but to the whole enterprise:

  • Reduce of operational costs of predictive maintenance (automated analysis)

  • Improve operational safety of the assets (early fault detection)

  • Greater maintenance precision (expert system)

  • Correlate information from multiple sources (multi-signal monitoring)

  • Easily extensible, scalable and maintanable (modular architecture)

  • Remotely accessible

  • Insitutional knowledge management (knowledge database editing)

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