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MDM Systems is a 100% Brazilian company, created in 1998 with the objective of providing the technological needs of industry, relative both to the modernization/automation of their production systems and the evaluation of the operational conditions of their equipment, systems and mechanical structures, through the development and installation of advanced computing systems.

The elevated technical qualifications and experience of their professionals is one of the main characteristics of MDM as well as their flexibility, agility and large capacity for technological innovation. These characteristics make the company always able to offer up to date solutions to their clients with a high added value and effectiveness. 

Our Solutions

The solutions we have developed at MDM incorporate years of experience and a wide knowledge of engineering over the application, as well as latest in embedded technologies, distributed data acquisition, artificial intelligence, software development and knowledge management.


The MDM System is our flagship product and market leader in Brazil for hydro power plant condition monitoring and provides our clients with extremely powerful tools to better predict, execute and understand maintenance processes.


Always seeking advances in technology and innovation, we at M&D have continuously participated of several research and development projects in partnership with public and private institutions and universities. We also offer consulting services, advisory and specialized training in the areas of mechanical vibration analysis, monitoring techniques and diagnosis of industrial machines and equipment.


Today, our MDM System monitors aproximately 38% of Brazil's installed hydro power generation. That amounts to over 230 hydro generators and 33 Gigawatts being monitored. In terms of monitored points, that is aproximately 34,000 sensors monitored online every minute.


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MDM System Installations Map

MDM System
Brazil Installation Map

MDM System Installations Map